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Categories: Registry   ||   tweaknow regcleaner v.4.1


The new version of TweakNow RegCleaner, a small utility designed to clear the registry of operating systems, Windows. The program removes unnecessary parts registry fix broken links, etc. RegCleaner is available in two versions: standard (free) and professional (paid), which has a more powerful engine and a more thorough cleaning roster.

TweakNow RegCleaner v.4.1

To download TweakNow RegCleaner v.4.1 click the following link: (1,5 Mb, Freeware, Windows All)

2311 Rating: 5.4/10 (22 votes cast)

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TweakNow RegCleaner v.4.1

tweaknow regcleaner v.4.1

Categories: System   ||   winxp manager v.6.0.4


Released new version of WinXP Manager, optimizer and adjuster for Windows XP operating systems. Program provides detailed information about an installed system and hardware guarantee, it produces optimization in Windows work, increases load speed and PC shut down, it allows to increase speed of loaded multimedia programs, it knows how to clean unnecessary files and tracks of old programs from a hard disk and registry, it allows to dispose a safety system and network connections.

WinXP Manager v.6.0.4

In this version internal modules are improved. 

To download WinXP Manager v.6.0.4 click the following link: (5,9 Mb., Shareware, Windows XP).

2310 Rating: 6.0/10 (21 votes cast)

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WinXP Manager v.6.0.4

winxp manager v.6.0.4

Categories: Internet   ||   core ftp v.2.1.1603


Updated FTP-client Core FTP, which can operate under protocols FTP, SSL/TLS, SSH/SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS, supports file transfer from a site to site, integrated in browser, can work with Proxy FTP/HTTP, Socks 4/5. In addition, there are options for remote file searching, there is a download manager, automatic restoration of interrupted work, editing htaccess. Furthermore, there are other possibilities. Work interface easy and understandable.

Core FTP v.2.1.1603

To download Core FTP v.2.1.1603 click the following link: (4,2 Mb, Shareware windows all)

2309 Rating: 4.9/10 (21 votes cast)

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Core FTP v.2.1.1603

core ftp v.2.1.1603

Categories: Office   ||   aloaha pdf suite v.3.9.44


The program aloaha PDF suite was developed for PDF documents creation  with maximum simplicity and convenience. The files, created with aloaha PDF, preserve the form of original document, all special structure features and formulation. Aloaha PDF suite is simple in use, effective and possesses a large quantity of useful possibilities.

Aloaha PDF Suite v.3.9.44

To download Aloaha PDF Suite v.3.9.44 click the following link:(17,3 Mb., Shareware, Windows all).

2308 Rating: 4.8/10 (22 votes cast)

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Aloaha PDF Suite v.3.9.44

aloaha pdf suite v.3.9.44

Categories: Tools   ||   fresh ui v.8.29


Updated utility Fresh UI, with which you will obtain access to a large number of Windows parameters, classed in several categories: Interface, system, hardware, application (Windows) and users (medium and rules).

In version 8.29 are added support for thumbnails with cache preview.

To download Fresh UI v.8.29 click the following link: (1,5 Mb., Freeware, Windows all).

2307 Rating: 4.3/10 (21 votes cast)

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Fresh UI v.8.29

fresh ui v.8.29

Categories: System   ||   vista start menu v.3.15


Released new version of Vista Start Menu. The utility aim is to make rapidly starting applications and more convenient than that one realized by standard Windows XP.

In Microsoft operating system basis the programs starting is launched by "Start" button. Its central failure is a constant change in the shortcuts order arrangement. For example, if user removes several programs from system, then shortcut for application launch in menu is necessary moved, and to search it, you must spend some time. The same occurs, when new programs are installed.

Vista Start Menu proposes its own menu to launch applications, in which each shortcut has its place. Therefore, you always can be assured that shortcut for your favorite game is the second on top, and under it,  shortcut for a text editor. If application is removed from the system, its place in the menu stay empty, i.e., shortcuts for other programs are not moved. The new empty place can be occupied only by new application, which will be installed later.

A constant shortcuts arrangement is the main, but only special feature of Vista Start Menu. Menu for applications launch includes convenient commands for quick files search on a hard disk and Internet, large, visual buttons for standby, shutdown and restarts computer and user logon. In addition to this, there is a supplementary hot key for quick passage to start up folder and command line window, which always near and needed.

Navigation on menu, in comparison with "Start",  is also substantially improved. First, it is possible to increase and decrease menu icons size, which can be useful to people with weak sight. In the second place, it is possible to navigate without mouse aid, all shortcuts into Vista Start Menu are divided in blocks with nine pieces. Each block has its letter designation - A, B, C, etc, while each shortcut within block framework has numerical designation from 1 to 9.  To reach the necessary shortcut, it is necessary to only press two buttons, for example, with C and 4. Finally, for long menu, in which many applications, scrolling is allowed.

Vista Start Menu v.3.15


To download Vista Start Menu v.3.15 click the following link: (1,5 Mb., Freeware, Windows all).

2306 Rating: 5.6/10 (22 votes cast)

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Vista Start Menu v.3.15

vista start menu v.3.15

Categories: Tools   ||   videocacheview v.1.43


VideoCacheView is a small free utility, which extracts video files from Web browsers cache, saved when they were played in browser. Program automatically scans caches contents of Internet Explorer and Mozilla (including FireFox), it finds video files and allows to copy selected  files into necessary folder for their further survey in offline regime.

VideoCacheView v.1.43

To download VideoCacheView v.1.43 click the green button in download page (63 KB, Freeware, Windows all).

2305 Rating: 4.2/10 (20 votes cast)

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VideoCacheView v.1.43

videocacheview v.1.43

Categories: Antivirus   ||   counterspy v.3.1.2710


CounterSpy is a program for detecting and removal spyware of different kinds. In addition to directly detect and remove spyware, CounterSpy is able to protect your PC from new infections. Base trojans are regularly updated, which allows utility catch the newest threats.

CounterSpy v.3.1.2710

To download CounterSpy v.3.1.2710 click the following link: (11,6 Mb, Shareware, Windows XP/Vista).

2304 Rating: 5.0/10 (22 votes cast)

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CounterSpy v.3.1.2710

counterspy v.3.1.2710

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