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norman malware cleaner v.2009.03.18 - Antivirus

Categories: Antivirus   ||   norman malware cleaner v.2009.03.18


Norman Malware Cleaner is a free utility, which after starting scans PC, reveals and removes away different harmful threats. Program is capable to close processes of infected applications, remove them from memory, registry and from HDD, removes permissions from Windows firewall. Detect and remove following viruses: Agent, Bagle, Blaster, Dloader, Dumaru, Feebs, JS/Small, Lovgate, Mitglied, Mydoom, Mytob, Navipromo, Netsky, Newdotnet, Renos, Sasser, Sdbot, Sircam, Small.KI, Sober, Sobig, Spyaxe, Spybot, Spywad, Startpage, Swen, Yaha, Zafi, Zlob, Zotob and others

Norman Malware Cleaner v.2009.03.18

To download Norman Malware Cleaner v.2009.03.18 click the following link: (34,4 Mb., Freeware, Windows all).

Download It Now For Free.

Norman Malware Cleaner v.2009.03.18

norman malware cleaner v.2009.03.18

File size: 34500 Kb

File format: exe

Date added: 2009-03-19

Download Time:

Modem :56 kb/s

about 83 min


Cable    :64 kb/s
about 72 min
Cable    :128 kb/s about 36 min
Cable    :256 kb/s about 18 min
Cable    :512kb/s
about 9 min
Cable    :1mb/s
about 5 min


Lower than 4.5 second
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