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7600gs review overclock benchmark volt mod : palit
Posted:2006-06-27 By video card review
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By :video card review


xtreview is your : Video card - cpu - memory - Hard drive - power supply unit source

7600gs review overclock benchmark volt mod : palit

1. Introduction to The 7600 gs

When  the videocard GeForce 7600GT  started to appear on sale   they seem very perspective,  it was the best choice until last price drop in x1800gto, First  the prices for faster Radeon X1800GTO have lowered up to GeForce 7600GT.  level, And secondly, on sale there were cards GeForce 7600GS, equipped with DDR3 memory  with full (256 Mb), and after overclocking they easly reach  7600GT performance level in speed. This was the principal cause for  this 7600gs review- The card reviewed today is Palit 7600GS Sonic.

2. 7600gs Design and a complete set

The Design box is same for all videocards Palit of series GeForce6 (6600 and 6600GT), is only labels with the information from  7600GS Sonic:

7600gs design

7600gs design

7600gs Video card capability as listed as well

7600gs design

From the last point it is told, that SLI will work only on 6600GT, that can lead into error the unprepared user. Certainly, it not so, Palit 7600GS Sonic (as well as all  others 7600GS) has SLI support .

Complete set:

    * CD-disk with drivers ForceWare (v84.21 for Windows 2000/XP/x64 and v77.72 for Windows 9x/ME/NT4.0);

    * CD-disk Cyberlink Power DVD 5.0;

    * a DVD-disk with the full version of game Conflict Global Storm;

    * adapter DVI/D-SUB;

    * adapter HDTV.

7600gs package

The videocard with  installed cooling system  looks as follows:

7600gs package

7600gs cooling

Radiator of the cooling system is made from  aluminium. The fan noise is  average  , but the card has no control over the rotating speed. palit 7600gs  cooling system can be easily removed and installed without a screw-driver.

7600gs cooling

7600gs pcb

Palit 7600GS Sonic has design PCB which  distinct from reference, but precisely  as  other card from the same series - Palit 7600GT Sonic:

7600gs Gpu

7600gs GPU

The palit  7600gs come with  GPU G73 audits A2, lreleased on 8-th week 2006:

7600gs memory chip

256Mb GDDR3 memories BGA-136 with access time of  2.0ns. Chips Infineon HYB18H512321AFL20 have been released on 38-th week 2005. Datasheet on all microcircuits of memory Infineon of series HYB18H512321AFLXX and HYB18H512321AF-XX 512-Mbit GDDR3 it is possible download via this link (PDF, 1884Kb).

7600gs memory chip

The page on a site of the manufacturer contains mistakes: both photos mismatch the validity and the frequency GPU is specified as 400MHz but actually it is equal 450MHz. Image BIOS it is possible download here.

By default the card works on frequencies 450/1000 MHz. Without system  cooling update The GPU was able To overclock up to  540 MHz, and on memory - 1494 MHz! After such overclock on memory I have switched off the computer,  pulled out the card and  once again checked up marks... All is correct, the chips marked as 2.0, without volt mod  was overclocked up to this high frequency. Note the card tested is far not the best overclocker fromplait 7600gs  - I got messages from other owners of similar videocards saying That such overclocking on memory is more likely normal rate, than exception.So i come out to the  assumption that is 1.4 chips, marked as 2.0.  if u look on the manufacturer site    , u should notice that  their is two  chips of series HYB18H512321AFLXX and HYB18H512321AF-XX .that AFLXX work on 1.8V, and AF-XX on 2.0V. Palit has simply purchased chips AFL20 and  put them on 1.98V, therefore they are already overclocker tas 1.4ns! It anything other, as preinstalled Volmod on the memory, made by the manufacturer.

7600 gs volt mod and overclocking with air and water cooling

For chip and memories voltage  controllers  they have used two microcircuits Richtek RT9214 located on the underside of the card  at the left. By default the voltage on GPU is 1.12V, and for memories 1.98V. And, as i has already  told, the voltage for memories is already  up by 0.18V.

Note that memory was not overheating before the volt mod but after  heat becamse serious probleme .we have installed  Zalman radiator  on the memory and added radiator 80mm over the ramsink but the maximal stable frequency was limited to memory overheat. 

volt mod on this card can be done with borth  variable resistors or by pencil mod. First we  lets examine pencil volt mod:

7600gs  volt mod

To increase voltage on GPU it is necessary to paint over resistor R37.  check up the resistance received after painting  is possible under this table:

R37 Ohm

833 1.12V
817 1.14V
755 1.23V
691 1.35V
605 1.52V
580 1.62V
555 1.66V
534 1.75V

TO increase voltage for memories it is necessary to paint over resistor R34.  check up the resistance received after painting with the fellowing table:

R34 Ohm

665 1.98V
638 2.03V
609 2.17V
579 2.27V

volt mod GPU and memories with the use of variable resistors ( as alternative for pencil  GPU volmod):

7600gs gpu  volt mod

7600gs GPU volt mod: we connect 6-th leg RT9214 (Vgpu-feedback) c 3-rd (ground) through  variable resistor 10k  Ohm. For monitoring it is possible to use legs of condensers CP1, CP2 or CP3.

7600gs memories volt mod: we connect 6-th leg RT9214 (Vmem-feedback) c 3-rd (ground) through  variable resistor 20k  Ohm. For monitoring it is possible to use legs of condensers CP4, CP5 or CP11.

7600gs Alternative pencil volt mod GPU: instead of resistor R37 it is possible to use for the same purpose SR74. By painting both resistors it is easier to receive higher voltage, than having painted over only one of them.

Results of Overclocking after volmod:

    * Without system cooling replacement   GPU has been overclocked up to 713 MHz with voltage 1.52V

    * After installation of  water cooling system GPU has been overclocked up to 765 MHz with voltage 1.66V

    * Memory with the installed radiators and fan has has been overclocked up to 1656 MHz with voltage 2.27V.

4. Definition of optimum value of delta

Cards on chips nvidia G73 (7600GT, 7600GS, 7300GT) by default work with zero delta. At overclock  that geometric frequency   becomes limiting factor and, to continue overclocking procedure, it is necessary to make delta negative. Optimum value of delta depends on the card, from efficiency of cooling and from GPU voltage   and if  u change something delta will only change so it is necessary to determine anew.

Before delta change GPU worked on frequency 765 MHz with voltage of 1.66V using water cooling. For the beginning I have changed delta to-100 and  defined the geometric domain frequency , lowered up to 729 MHz, the overclocking limit ROP/Shader  makes 828 MHz, i.e.  63 MHz it is more than the limit at geometric domain  zero delta. Then i has changed delta to -63, but on frequencies 828 (765) MHz I got some friezes. Final stable frequencies was 820 (756) MHz.

5. memories timing

Timing by default on Palit 7600GS Sonic are:

7600gs memory timing

Using  NiBiTor v2.9a I have changed the following timing:

    * tRcdRD from 12 on 7

    * tRcdWR with 8 on 2

    * tRRD with 8 on 2

Those change  has not influenced the maximal stable frequency of  the memory (1656 MHz at voltage 2.27V), but at the same frequency has given an increase 3.2 fps in test{3d 2001} Mother Nature.

6. 7600gs Testing

6.1. A test configuration and drivers

Testing was done at  room temperature equal +26 C. In sysytem configuration there were some changes. First, because of summer heat it was necessary to lower frequency of the processor by 51 MHz (from 2920  to 2869), and   memory frequency from  243  to 239 MHz. Secondly, is was runing out of Arctic Silver 5 , and instead of it it was necessary to use alcil-3.


    *  Processor: AMD Opteron 148 (E4), @ 2869MHz :VCore 1.60V

    * Motherboard: DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI-D rev. AB0, Socket 939, BIOS 702-2,

    *cooling  System  : modified ??? Aucma CoolRiver

    * Thermal pact: alcil-3.

    *  memory: Kingston HyperX PC3200 on chips Winbond BH-5 2*512Mb,@ 239MHz  with  2.0-2-2-5 1T  Timing :Vmem 3.44V

    * HDD: Western Digital WD1200JB (120Mb, 7200RPM, 8Mb)

    * DVD±RW: NEC ND-3500A

    * Case: is absent :-)

    * Power unit: Golden Power 450W (28A on a line +12V), with modded  +3.3V  line to 3.7V.

    *Monitor: CTX VL950 (19 " CRT)

Operational system and drivers:

    * Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2

    * DirectX 9.0c (Feb2006)

    * nForce4 driver v6.70

    * NVIDIA ForceWare v84.21

Adjustments of NVIDIA driver  ForceWare:

    * Intellisample Settings: High Quality

    * Trilinear Optimization: Off

    * Anisotropic mip filter optimization: Off

    * Anisotropic sample filter optimization: Off

    * VSync: Always Off

Testing was spent on following frequencies:

    * 450/1000 - nominal frequencies Palit 7600GS Sonic.

    * 540/1494 - overclocked card with stock volt and cooling.

    * 713/1656 - Vgpu-1.52V, Vmem-2.27V, cooling on GPU did not vary, for memory aluminium radiators Zalman have been installed.

    * 765/1656 - Vgpu-1.66V, Vmem-2.27V,  water-block on GPU , radiators on chips of memory.

    * 820 (756) x1656 - the same, as 765/1656, but with  modified delta to "-63" and  memories. timing via "nibitor".

6.2. 7600gs Operating temperature

To find out temperature of the graphic processor under load and at idle we have used  RivaTuner 2.0 RC16  program . I waited, some time to get  the temperature  stabilized  and wrote down the received temperature . Then started 3DMark05 and after pass i wrote down the maximal temperature. The received results are ::

Clocks Voltages Temperatures Cooling
450/1000 1.12V/1.98V 43°c/53°c stock air
540/1494 1.12V/1.98V 44°c/57°c stock air
713/1656 1.52V/2.27V 49°c/84°c stock air
765/1656 1.66V/2.27V 47°c/65°c water
776/1656 1.75V/2.27V 49°c/69°c water

The delta was equal to zero in all modes .

6.3. Testing  3DMark and Aquamark on stable frequencies

ALL benchmark option has been left to default .

7600gs benchmark :3d2001

7600gs benchmark 3d mark2001

7600gs benchmark :3d2003

7600gs benchmark 3d mark2003

7600gs benchmark :3d2005

7600gs benchmark 3d mark2005

7600gs benchmark :3d2006

7600gs benchmark 3d mark2006

7600gs benchmark :aquamark

7600gs benchmark aquamak

7600gs benchmark test  has shown   a big  gain  from increase in frequencies, changes of delta and  timing update  .approximately 65 % overall increase after change. The current full modded 7600gs work at level of overclocked 7600gt

6.4.7600gs maximal results in benchmark 

we had done some moderated test .we have cooled the system using +13c water .overclocked the cpu to 3ghz ,memory to 250 (5-2-2-2T 1T command rate).using the cold water the card has showed more overclocking potential from 850 (769) x1656 up to 864 (783)/1692.and finnaly used the good old win2000 witch known as the best oprating sysytem for high 3dmark score

Results have turned out the following:

    * 3DMark2001: 36702, world record in a category 7600GS

    * 3DMark2003: 17712, world record in a category 7600GS (single card configuration)

    * 3DMark2005: 8349, 2 place in a category 7600GS (single card configuration)

    * 3DMark2006: 4214, 2 place in a category 7600GS (single card configuration)

7. The conclusion


    * 7600GT at the price of 7600GS;

    * use DDR3  memory  instead of DDR2 without reduction of its volume;

    * excellent overclockingpotential, on both  GPU and  memory;


    * No fan regulator

    * bad cooler quality

    *  no cables (S-Video and RCA), there is only a HDTV-adapter;

xtreview is your : Video card - cpu - memory - Hard drive - power supply unit source

7600gs review overclock benchmark volt mod : palit

we would be happy to answer for your question . if you have suggestion or comment regarding this review our support would be glad to help just join our forum and ask u will get the best answer to discuss check our forum section :-)


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xtreview -  7600gs review overclock benchmark volt mod : palit

7600gs review overclock benchmark volt mod : palit
7600gs review overclock benchmark volt mod : palit

xtreview -  7600gt is the middle card range.
We already benchmarked this video card and found that ...

7600gt review
7600gt is the middle card range. We already benchmarked this video card and found that ...

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